A Peek at Cai Guo Qiang Works with Interactive Design

The aim of this project is to design a Kiosk Interface that will display information of a selected artist of his/her bio, works and artist statement.

1st Week Work Delivery

Selected artists, bio, sample of work, concept map, site map and content listing.

Conceptual design on how to approach the brief
UI Sketch Main Screen – Lylyna Heng 11/2/2020
UI Sketch artist’s artwork – Lylyna Heng 11/2/2020

Reference list of comparative research on museum/gallery sites

Touchless.Design Initiative Will Create Touchless Kiosks for Museums

A new open-source initiative is funded in part by Intel and will include a proof-of-concept interactive developed with the National Gallery of Art

The Integrated Touchless System is designed to create touchless versions of new or existing digital exhibits in museums and other public institutions. The system uses a combination of software and hardware that allows visitors to easily understand how to interact with touchless technology even if they are completely unfamiliar with this type of interaction.

Kiosk Design for Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

Week 10 – Project 2 – Structure and Content

This week work delivery:

  • Selected artist name, short essay about them and why you chose them (up to 300 words.)
  • Written description of what elements make the artist work unique and identifiable
  • Revised concept map
  • Revised site map
  • Revised content listing
  • Revised and annotated UI sketches for kiosk app, based on selected artist (main screen and single artwork screen)
  • UI sketch of search or browse screen of kiosk app, with annotations
  • Metatdata list for artwork collection (label + value, organized by intrinsic, administrative and descriptive)
  • Above & beyond: wireflow of search/browse behavior in kiosk app

Week 11 – Project 2 – Sketching Feature

A sketching feature is added to the previous work. It is called Explosive Creative feature that allow viewers to interact Cai’s artwork in similar fashion (explore, sketch, and explode). Viewers then can share their experience on social media or send it to themselves as a gift.

This week work delivery:

  • Revised site map that includes interactive sketching feature
  • Design stories (customized) for interactive sketching feature
  • Task flow (customized) for interactive sketching feature
  • 2-4 UI sketches showing screens for the interactive sketching feature – what is the drawing experience
  • Annotations showing how the sketching tools work

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