Learn More About Design Systems

Creating stunning visuals is crucial for attracting users, maintaining consistency across products, and establishing a brand. You might have encountered it yourself, when you feel attracted to certain brand or can recognize the brand instantly. It is not a coincident that you feel that way. It is done through hard work to put together smart designs and an entire design system.

Design system is a series of reusable elements that allow teams to design and develop a product following predetermined standards. A design system is the visual foundation of a company’s products and is key to attracting users. In UX design, design systems are a great way to maintain consistency within a design and across products.

Design system normally consists of typograhy, iconography and color palette. The number of elements included in your design system is up to you and depends on the goal of your product. The important thing to remember is that creating a system that can outline company’s brand product consistency. This also save designers a lot of time down the road. The design system shapes the world behind the product!

Real-world design systems

Google’s design system, called Material Design, is applied to all products, from Google Search to Gmail to Android. Material is widely available and free for you to use in your design. Here is a link to the Material Baseline Design Kit in Figma that you can duplicate and incorporate in your design right away.

Figma has a session calls Community, which locate on the left panel, which consists design systems and files that you can take advantage of in no time. All you need to do is finding the one you need and then Duplicate to save to your draft folder.

Bellow are some of the design systems in Figma, you might want to check out and incorporate in your design.

Showcase a design system in your portfolio

Well, most designers would feature their design system in each case study that they have on their portfolio to show case their design choice. It is great way to spotlight your creativity and enrich your portfolio.

What to steal from design systems: 10 Best Design Systems and How to Learn (and Steal) From Them by DesignerUp.

Use a design system library in Figma in five-part video series will help you understand how to set up a design system in Figma

Good Luck!

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