Overcome Stage Fright – Presenting Your Usablity Study

After your presentation preparation and now it is time nail the presentation on the stage. We all feel nervous before speaking in front of a group, or gone blank during a presentation. The stage fright should not hold you down and this article is all about. Let’s go over some tips for overcoming stage fright, whether you’re giving a short talk to your team or presenting you designs to a crowd.

Photo by Product School on Unsplash

Prepare – knowing what you want to say and how you want to say it will help you feel less overwhelmed when it’s time to present. Finalize your presentation and practice it many times before the big day, so get comfortable with the content.

Think positively – visualize yourself giving an awesome presentation. Don’t spend time worrying about everything that could go wrong or what mistakes you might make. Instead, focus on nailing it and imagine the feeling of triumph when the presentation lands well.

Try a “power pose” – a power pose is a posture that helps you stay positive and confident. The most well-known poswer pose is called “The Wonder Woman,” where you stand tall with your chest out and your hands on your hips. You might want to check talk by Amy Cuddy on body language.

Take a deep, steady breaths as you prepare for your presentation. This helps reduce anxiety and keep oxygen flowing.

Get a good night’s sleep – being well-rested will allow you to approach the stage – or the front of a meeting room – with a clear mind. A full sleep can also help you concentrate during your presentation.

Remember the goal – you’re giving a presentation to share information. The audience will be focused on getting the information they need, not watching for any mistakes you might make.

Know that it is okay to make mistakes – tripping over words or taking a moment to gather your thoughts is not a big deal. Most people have given a presentatoin themselves, so the audience will understand what it’s like if you stumble or pause. Stay relaxed as you move through imperfections.

Tips on giving effective presentation

Here are some quick tips to help you improving your public speaking abilities:

Speak clearly and slowly – it helps to calm youself down and it allows audience to digest material better.

Allow for pauses – it can be useful when you want to transition from point to the next one. It gives time to relax and get audience attention too.

Make eye contact – this help you keep member engaging a 3-5 seconds will do the trick. If you scare of eye contact, looking at the person’s forehead instead.

Be concise – being straightforward about points are important, it helps the listener to get your ideas or point of views. Plus human’s attention is short, so you need to keep it to the point because you lose your audience’s attention.

Have confident body language – move naturally in the free space and move around the room if possible. Smile and nod your head as you move around and make eye contact. It boost your confident and audience’s confident in you too.

Know your audience – when you know audience, you can adjust tone and language accordingly to accomodate and eventually make the presentation interesting and engaging.

Handling questions during the presentation:

  • Know your materials inside out with practicie.
  • Repeat the question, it gives you time think and make sure that you heard the question correctly.
  • Don’t get defensive. Objection is not personal, so be polite and professional your defending your ideas.
  • Be concise. Remember we don’t have a lot of time, especially in taking and answering questions. You want to make sure that everyone else get a chance to ask.
  • Don’t rush respond. You might be asked difficult questions from time to time. You buy time with “That’s a good question” and repeat the question. Or ask the audience if you get back to them later.

Public speaking is never easy and we all need to practice and make mistakes. Remember that we all make mistake big or small. More importantly acknowledge and learn from it and then move on with your life. Life is too short to worry about everything in the past.

Good Luck!

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