How to Claim One Free Course on Coursera for College and University Students

If you are a college or university student, you might be eligible for one free course and unlimited Guided Projects on Coursera. Before we dive in the process of getting freebie for being a college student. It is important to discuss about the free course that you are eligible to claim. This is a bit confusing because Coursera offers many online learning options. For example, the specialization or certificate options that normally have a series of courses within the program. You can enroll in the specialization option, but you can only claim one free course within the specialization. The rest of the courses you can audit but no certificate available. The free course can only claim once a year and can’t be reversed. You might want to audit the course first before commiting for enrollment for the certificate.

Unlimited Guided Projects are not really unlimited, but most of them are free. This is a misleading advertisement, which needed to be addressed.

Now let’s get into claiming your free course. First, you need to head to Coursera website and then go the footnote of the webpage. Then you select For Campus.

Then it leads you to the new page, which you then need to choose the For Students tab.

Next page is the verification page, where you need to link your current Coursera account to your school email. If you are already have account with Coursera, you might want log in so that you can link your account. It gives access to both the personal account and the one for just student. You can get access to page below here too.

The Student Plan might not be available for your school domain, so might need fill out a short form. The form will help Coursera to update their database. The process might take weeks before it can claim your free course. There is no notification, so you need to follow the process again. That’s what happened to me, although I didn’t really know when my school becomes eligible. Below is the form that you need to fill in.

Once you have verify your student account, you can enroll the course. You can only enroll one course a year. After enrolling the course, Coursera will tell you that you that no more enrollment left.

Now, you are on your way to learn new skills or expand your knowledge. It is important to get advantage of freebie to learn and expand your knowledge. I hope it will help you in getting your desired knowledges or skills. More importantly, it is summer time, so it is the best time to learn something new.

Best of Luck.

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