The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates, Book Review

After reading the book, there is a lot of reflection on me. I come from a family with male dominance environment. I feel powerless and excluded at every step of the way. Well, stories in the book took place in both South Asia and Africa. The patriarchy pattern is the same in Cambodia. It reflects on how our society is so accustomed to such a social construct without any question. 

Melinda points out the norm of being excluded is very subtle. It is powerful enough to keep women out of sight. The exclusion is taking place in different forms in everyday life activities in every industry such as agriculture, healthcare, education, etc. The worst part is that it is a status quo that no one would challenge it. However, there is a shift in this social norm as women step up and point out the missing points; it is eye-opening. Melinda stated that a group of women can help and lift each other with the right resources. In India, to combat HIV/AIDS, women need the capability to report on violence. Because men use force on women so that they don’t have to use a condom. You can find out the rest of the story by reading the book.

We all know women tend to spend more time in the household core than anyone else in the house. The burden usually falls on the girls, which I can relate. In my case, I had to fight a lot in an insane and sane way to win back my time. Back in the past, I didn’t know how to describe it personally, but now I know why. The unequal share of housework is ridiculous, especially in developing countries, where women have to do all the work from scratch.

But when it comes to the professional workplace, there are always different obstacles for just being female. A great example includes in the book is the Uber Scandal, which comprises both sexual harassment and the move to block the women from moving up the ladder. Well, it should sound familiar.

Stories in the book reflect our society and our own unconscious bias toward women. Gender inequality is a crisis that we all need to point out and talk about more. The more we talk and question the status quo, the better we understand the subject matter. It is a process that might take years to normalize because there always be someone opposed to it. It is not about putting one gender above another. It is all about equality.

The Moment of Lift shows me that regardless of your status, education, location, rich, poor, and marital status. We, women, have our difficulties and challenges. What I like most about this book is the inspiration that there is always someone who has it harder than you. Do not be discouraged by whatever situation you are in, even this pandemic.

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