Augmented Reality in Healthcare

The phenomenal of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has a great impact on many industry from real estate to healthcare. Global Healthcare Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market is projected at $5.1 billion by 2025 by Zion Market Research. The technology brings in more flexibility in dealing with complication in healthcare industry. However, it is worth to keep in mind that the design solution and be a design problem itself.

Let’s apply the Future Wheel – Practical Frameworks for Ethical Design by Majid Behboudi to branch out from idea (inner circle) to direct impact(1st consequence), and indirect impact (2nd and 3rd consequence) in the sketch below.

AR in Healthcare
AR in Healthcare Future Perspective by Lylyna Heng

From the future wheel, there is an immerse in the trend, which the trust around the documentation and sharing those information. To what extent is is acceptable and who would have access to all those data.

The Feed Trailer illustrated how AR becomes part of human life and how much the technology knows about them. Is there ever a technology/data audit to ensure that those data is being proper store and use by the right person. How secure it can be and who stand by us, if anything ever being use against us. These are some points that future interaction needs to take into account.

Remember that designer is the expert of the product not the user. The framework for ethical design would be very helpful in identifying potential problems that would the design solution might cause. Nothing is perfect, but at least it helps minimize the worst scenario.

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