Build a Better Products – “Listen Better”

This is a quick review of Chapter 4 – Listen Better from Build a Better Products by Laura Klein. Listen better is more than just nodding your head and follow by “yes” or “aha”, but plus observation. The goal is to discover the pain point that the user might have and yet they themselves are not aware of.

The great example from this chapter is the phone camera feature prior to iPhone era. The user complained about the having the phone camera as it looked bulky and heavy, however the user would like to capture a memory at any moment. If we paid a close attention to what the user meant was that they hated camera and not the need to capture a moment. Do you see the users journey and their problem here? The problem that we need to focus on is how to improve the experience in capturing the moment.

Below is my sketchnotes that highlight the important points of this chapter.

Further readings:

Practical empathy by Indi Young.

Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights by Steve Portigal.

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