A Peek at Cai Guo Qiang V2


This is a final delivery of interaction design for Cai Guo Qiang. The final deck will include the following: artist overview, application structure, artist gallery, explosive creative feature and reference. It was a four-week project with different deliverable each week. The aim of the project was to create an interactive experience for the museum visitors.

The design work is delivered in the low-fidelity for this project to get feedback for further improvement. At this phrase it is more like a gathering phase, analyze data and presenting data. Tools and technologies – Miro (online collaboration tool) and Keynote to put things together.

Nothing goes smoothly and so there are many obstacles in the project. For the most part is where to get started and how to put things together. The materials first made sense to the designer (me), but necessary to the reader (client). In addition to that, there were communication pitfall as always, where designer (me) decode the message in the wrong direction or vice versa. I am still working on that not just for this project, but other projects too. Then it comes to technology in putting things together. I had trouble with Miro in which I could not export the whole frame for the UI elements. I ended up with screen, which then ended small.

Overall the experience was good, although there would always be a room for improvement, which I will take a shot for the second iteration over the Thanks Giving Break.

The followings are sections that I have decided to change follow by the why:

Main screen – or screensaver of Cai’s latest work “The Birth of Tragedy”. The aim is to get the viewer attention to check out Cai’s artworks. It is an amazing work that he tried to connect people with the current pandemic. He urged people to embrace pain as it is part of the human nature. Everything will heal with time. Then comes the home screen which eventually leads to the Gallery page. The home screen was inspired by his presentation at Nobel Week Dialogue in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Annotation – after reviewing the lecture and peers’ work, it gives me a better definition of what it means to annotate. I was using sticky note because I thought it would qualify as annotation.

UI Sketches – using artist’s artwork to illustrate what it actually looks like on the screen. Cai’s artwork has no boundaries, which can be big canvas or up in the sky.

Number of screen – break down the number of screen for a better view.

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