Reflect on Learning – Knowledge Map and Side Project

In this post, I would like to touch on two prompts Knowledge Map and a Side Project since there is an overlap aspects that use to enrich one another. Let’s get into it.

Knowledge Map – the concept map where I go over my current knowledge of Interaction Design. What have I learned and what things I want to learn in the future.

Knowledge Map – Lylyna Heng 11/29/2020

What I have learned so far during this Fall Semester: Prototyping, Ideation, Behavior, IxD History, documentation, and UX Design Process. These might be overlap one another to reflect the role and responsibility of the interaction designer.

Side Projects – I am currently testing with a design project on Pinterest where I would pins my visual design to the board. Another project is this blog where I would document and share my opinion on US education as a foreigner.

Brainstorm a Side Project – Lylyna Heng 11/29/20

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