Beloved Experiences

Digital productElevate App, brain game on iOs. I fall in love with this app because of their genuine work from brain study to design. It meets my goal instantly – brain exercise. Their clean design makes it easy to use without any learning curve.

Physical Product – Ninja Blender. This blender is great for my smoothie. It is an alternative way for me to consume fruit much easier and faster. It can be used for other blending too like meat. The only downside is that it is super loud.

Physical Product
Favorite Physical Product – Ninja Blender.

Service – Muni Public Transport. Public transport service make city life is a bit easier, cheaper and faster in getting around the city. Their arriving and departure is pretty much more accurate than Uber and Lyft for just $2.5 a trip. There is more option to subscribe, although the option is only available with Clipper Card only. I hope they can have monthly pass on the Mobile app in addition to the Day Pass, especially during the pandemic.

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