Is Race The Main Reason Behind The Segregation in Humanity

Race is not a new subject, but it is important enough that it has been last for more than a century. If we look at the current situation especially the politics in the US, we would all feel that something is standing out, Race. Even though, it sounds simple, many people are still struggling with racism in society. Race is the treatment of status that divide people base on many things, especially skin color. So how did it happen?

It is really important to go back in time where it all started. Human evolution is really remarkable that we evolve better than any other spices and among them is the brain and bipedality. Later on we learn how to use tool and domestication. It enables human to do many thing and one of them is traveling to different places. It turns out that physical anthropologists from the US and Europe had travelled to different placed starting from the 14th century. One thing they noticed is the different in skin color, thereby they started to gather and document those data. The data ranged from skin color, skull, mass, and much more. Since than we started to accustomed to the idea of classification. The worst part is when the capitalism knows to use it at their benefits. That’s when the idea of slavery came into picture.

However, the concept of race has been challenging by science as more evidence proof it to be of the cultural normal rather than biology norm. As stated in the article by Elizabeth Kolbert in National Geographic website: reveal that we all have African Ancestors in our DNA. Another finding is the first modern Britons had ‘dark to black’ skin, Cheddar Man DNA analysis reveals by Hannah Devlin in The Guardian Article. 

If we all share the African ancestors and the first modern Britons had dark to black skin, where the white skin comes from. Could it possibly the natural selection, genetic drift or other adaptation? Those are the possible reasons why we look so different. For example, geographic difference can have a great impact on human skin. The amount of sunlight is affecting how the body and genetic to adapt to be able to survive that situation. African people have darker skin to protect them from UV while people in Europe have light skin because of less sunlight exposure.

The biggest take away is that we are driven by cultural norm rather than scientific norm. But this is just one aspect into the subject of race. There are many other aspects in society that enhance racism like photography, language, culture behavior, etc. Paul Rucker gave a powerful TED Talk on how we can take away the power of race by identify it, learn from it and not to have it affects us in the future situation.

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