International Student Orientation

All schools in the states normally have orientation day for new international students. Orientation normally lasts for a day and a half, where it will take place on campus. There will be lunch provided during the first day, however, it might be different from one school to the other. In Foothill College case, they would offer pizza and soft drink during the first day of the orientation.

Students are required to attend the orientation for information like school portal website, health insurance, class registration, tuition fee, student employment, etc. It usually organizes two weeks before school starts because international students have more requirements than local students. In the followings are some of the information that needs to your attention.


Students will be given a form to fill as well as the other information regarding your school year. The most important form is the checklist form, where it lays out all the requirements that needed completed in a certain time frame. Some colleges and universities in the US require student to complete immunization. Each school has their own requirement, which can be found on the school website. At Foothill College, there is a requirement for MMR ( Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ) immunization and TB skin test. These requirements need time to complete, especially TB skin test. If the result is positive, student is requirement to take a chest x-ray test. It is important to note that it might be cheaper to get it done in your home country and then sent it to school or submit in person.

Placement Tests

Another important information is placement tests. International students are required to take a placement test to place them in the right class of English and Math. There will addition tests for other different major or honor major. The tests usually take an hour each to complete and students need to schedule online. Students needs to take the test as soon as possible so that they can register for classes.

I-94, and USA Visa Page and Copy of Passport

It is required to provide I-94, and USA Visa Page on your passport and your information on the passport page to the international admission office to keep as a record. I-94 is the record of travelers to the US and can obtain online here. A copy of the US Visa on your passport page along with the information of the passport holder. It is best to get those document ready so that you can focus on other things like finding a place to stay, setting up your room and so on.

Maintain Student Visa

It is requirement by the immigration law to enroll full time. Students needs to register for at least the minimum of 12 units for bachelor degree and 6 units for master degree. Students need to take at least 8 units on campus and the other 4 units online. This is important for your education plan as well as saving money in the long run. Not all classes will be available throughout the school year, therefore it is better to check in with your counselor and school department.

The bottomline is there are things need to taking care of, which is better known before it is too late. If you miss the orientation, it is ok. You can always ask for help either online or in person. The sooner you get it done the better it is. Student then can focus on their study and other activities.

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