2D Design – Polarity and Meaningful Object

In this article, I will go through one of my project in 2D Design with black and white. 2D Design – refers to 2-dimensional design in flat surface. Polarity refers to things that is opposite to one another. So the purpose of this project is to create 2D design from our meaningful object with only xeroxing (copying). It was a challenge work because we were only allowed to work in black and white and no other technology involvement.

First Iteration

Prior to first iteration, it is required at least thirty copies of the meaningful object in black and white. In addition to just simple copy, we had to be creative in xeroxing or copying, it could enlarge, shrink, curve and so forth. We had to think of the meaning behind our object and came up with an idea for that. My polarity is “Free Spirited” and “Dogmatic”. Those two words really represents my value and what I am standing up for.

Then the first iteration began with a collage of the thirty copies into six pairs that represented the word. It was a collage with many layers to convey the meaning to the audience. Below is the first iteration, it is grouped with one word on one side and another word on the other.

Lylyna 12 iterations

First Revision

The first revision was to narrow down to three pairs by choosing the strong design from the previous six pairs. The thing one word is grouped one side and vice versa.

Lylyna Phase 2

Final Revision

With feedback from classmates and instructor, it aided with the final refinement as below. The final work was exhibited at KCI gallery center located in Foothill College for two weeks.


Project Reflection

The project was really challenging, costly, and time consuming. However, the learning outcome was priceless. The main problem of the project was to convey the meaning of the two words with 2D Design without illustration and color.

It has an elements to the real world experience, where designer is given a problem to solve in different situation. It taught students about the design process as well as receiving feedback and comments.

In addition to that, learning through trial and error in manipulating your design. By failing a numerous time, I learn to what works and what not. Planning and brainstorming need to take into account to reduce costs and be efficient. Using both hands to manipulate design while xeroxing the copies.

Overall, I was satisfied with my design because it turned really well. Most importantly, it communicate the meaning of both words really well. Beside that, the work also speaks about my design style, which is simple and elegant.



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