Minnesota Street Project Field Visit

My photoshop for photography class had a field trip to Minnesota Street Project on Dec 2, 2017, which I encourage you guy to check it out. Big plus it is free. There were serval artists, designers and photographers showcased their work. There is also an education program available on site, which is partnership with The San Francisco Arts Education Project. Although, it is only available to kids, you can either intern or offer a lesson with the project to further your knowledge and skills. These are the cool stuff that I found during my visit.

Not every designers and artists depend heavily in digital software for their work. The greatest example is Candida Hofer’s works. She didn’t use any application to retouch the photo. In fact, she photographed those pictures with different angle, camera lenses and perspective to get the desired result. The followings are her works at the exhibition.

Another exhibition of the collaborative works of many artists is Option to The Death of Freedom. This is an interesting exhibition because it is collaborative and connected of different works but with the same idea.  It reflects on current society and the option to change. The collaborative work consists of typography, video, object, photography and paint. The use of typography with a sense of humor create an power design that is effectively communicated. The use of different range of color and subtlety to express ideas.

Klea McKenna uses a different approach in her work without any touch up or camera. She rubs papers against the object to get the desired texture, shapes and color. Her works look like somewhere between photograph and collage. The subtlety in texture is really great and you can only feel it by staring up close and touch it. Here is some of her work.

To sum up, the important point is to inspire, get inspired and learn from different artists and designers. In this article, all images are taken with iPhone and then manipulate in Adobe LightRoom. It is best to conclude with an article “Making it Real” by Vik Muniz. The last paragraph of the article talks about the “touch of truth”, which we can relate to these day marketing and advertisement. So the take away how you would like deceive and be deceived by.

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